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Gabriela Campo

I was trained as an architect and worked in renowned firms, but I always felt that something was missing.  The world of construction was not for me, it stressed me, it anguished me and on the other hand, I needed to use my hands, something that I had done since I was a child.


In 2000 I gave up everything and started studying jewelry.

To knit and crochet are also my passions, I combine these two worlds, sometimes threads and yarns win, and sometimes is metal.


With threads, I feel that I give softness to the hardness of the metal, and with metal, I give strength and structure to yarn.  In this world of combinations is where I find what I like to do most in life.


I am inspired by textures, colors, and materials.  My work is all handmade and totally personal.  It is infused with what inspires me, my search, my passion, energy, and meaning.  Whoever buys it and wears it participates in this story and becomes part of it.


Behind each piece, there is a great number of hours and dedication.  From planning, selecting materials, colors, making multiple tests, solving problems along the way, and taking care of details; all this gives integrity and unique value to each earring, each necklace, each bracelet…..


Once a client told me “when I put on your necklace I put myself in a good mood”, for me it is really gratifying that the energy of fullness and joy that I experience making the jewelry is felt by those who wear it.


For me, knitting, crocheting and making jewelry are meditative and relaxing activities that disconnect me from the outside world.  I am obsessive about order and perhaps when I’m creating I imagine I can put in perspective my experiences and emotions.


In recent years life has given me a magnifying glass to see very closely and in detail everything around me.  From here I continue to explore every day and feel gratitude to be able to do what I most enjoy and to share this with others.

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